We are committed to ensure increased awareness among the communities through our literacy classes. Legal awareness, civic education, winter courses and other literacy courses are part of MEHRO’s intervention.

        After decades of ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, educational system faces a crisis. According to UNICEF, an estimated number of 3.7 million of Afghan children are denied access to education for various reasons. Children living in rural areas are particularly affected, because of schools being located too far for them or because of their parents’ priority or need to have their children stay at home and help with family farming.

        Out of these children, girls constitute more than 60%. Although a progress has been made in the recent years, many people in Afghanistan still consider that girls’ education is not indispensable as they consider in the same way that women should care for the household rather than work. Another reason is the lack of female teachers mainly in rural areas as boys and girls generally do not mix at school.

        Literacy and revision programmes to fill in gaps in Afghan people’s education wherever they existed were among our priorities. However, children are not the only group that MEHRO tries to reach to. We believe that literacy and numeracy as well as education in other areas are necessary at all stages of one’s life in order to ensure a quality life and personal fulfillment. Therefore, our courses are designed for children as much as for adults, both male and female.

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