Recent Projects

Eshteghal Zaiee-Karmondena Project (EZ_KAR)
Funded by World Bank through Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) Afghanistan.   
Province:   Khost Province.

MEHHRO has joined hands with the lead partner – Citizens Organization for Advocacy and Resilience (COAR) for a 3 year program starting in 2020 to help assist the Afghan returnees, IDPs and host-communities through a multi-sector, multi-implementation agency approach for the short, medium and long-term measures for their economic integration through new business activities training and placement assistance for short-term jobs and training for long term employment. This project will be implemented in several major cities of Khost province.
Youth action for Safety and security for urban Women and Girls
Funded by UN -Habitat 
Province: Mazar e- Sharif

MEHRO in collaboration with the Community Development Council is in charge of the implementation of this 1 year long project in 2020. Under this Youth Action Project, workshops were conducted to analyse the problems faced by women and girls in the Mazar Province and what actions youth could take to address them. After the workshops and mobilisation of youths, several campaigns and small scale projects were conducted to raise awareness about women safety and ensure safe cities for all.

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