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Improvement of lives and livelihoods of Afghan people through education, vocational trainings and sustainable development


We strive for a better future of Afghan people. Realizing an aware, prosperous, and healthy society in Afghanistan where quality social services are provided based on the principles of democracy, social justice and peace


Raising public awareness, providing social services and access to justice initiatives for women victims of violence and capacity-building of civil society organizations

In support of these strategic areas, MEHRO uses the following approaches:

  • Training and Capacity Building: MEHRO focuses on training and capacity building as a means to provide the people of Afghanistan with the tools to take active roles as agents of change in their respective communities. MEHRO develops and implements capacity building trainings on a range of issues related to peace, human rights, gender, good governance, accountability, advocacy and leadership at the local, sub-national and national level. These activities are meant to enable people to identify issues and challenges affecting their lives and communities, to build alliances with other groups, and to address the issues themselves or advocate for solutions.
  • Advocacy and Awareness: Public support is necessary to advocate for change. In order to have public support, it is necessary to raise awareness about the issues, challenges and opportunities and mobilize people for demanding change. MEHRO carries out advocacy activities at the provincial, national and international levels.
  • Mobilization: MEHRO believes in building partnerships and inclusive approaches. This entails developing partnerships and platforms at the local, provincial and national level to encourage support for and foster wide-reaching involvement in MEHRO’s projects and initiatives.

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