Skill development plays a key role in overcoming marginalization and enhancing inclusion, while employment promotion contributes to improve the living conditions of people and to eradicate poverty. Our work promotes locale entrepreneurship and market access by giving local people, women and IDPs vocational training, basic literacy education and business skills trainings in order to improve social integration, social stability and the overall economic development. MEHRO applies a holistic approach towards employment promotion, gender equality and social inclusion based on the three interrelated pillars of skills development, labour market interventions and private sector development.

        This last area of MEHRO’s main concerns is closely linked to all other areas since acquiring new skills empowers an individual at the social and economical level and thus gives him the tools to have his rights respected. We have concluded that most people in Afghan provinces did not complete education higher than primary school and, therefore, they are not fully proficient in their field. This understandably limits their employment options and success on the work market. MEHRO strives to provide vocational trainings and capacity-building workshops to Afghan women and men alike in order for them to be recognized in their domain and carry out their activity with higher self-confidence and in an autonomous way.

        Following are some examples of types of vocational workshops and trainings that MEHRO has organized so far across all of Afghanistan:

  • Tailoring courses
  • Mattress & Blanket making courses
  • Construction skills trainings
  • Embroidery trainings
  • Handbag making trainings
  • Shoe & sandal making trainings

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